4 Strange Facts About Laptop Gaming

12 Jun

These are generally the RCA and VGA inputs. RCA features a couple of kinds of forms. In addition, the market players are identifying emerging needs of online gaming platforms to equip new products with required features. These products are now … Read More »

You Make These Laptop Gaming Mistakes?

10 Jun

Generally the Ampro CoreModule is selected, together with the Advantech VGA board, and perhaps a third board (such as video capture board, sound board, analog to digital converter, etc.) for some additional functionality. Here are the key items to consider: … Read More »

What Are Mouse Gaming?

9 Jun

If the control station is used to configure two different signs, one a VGA message center and the other a digital sign, then you’ll need a VGA to DVI-D converter box to provide communication to both signs. A good gaming … Read More »