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In particular, the demands of many industrial, factory, warehousing and production environments mean that VGA cables are often sought out over newer alternatives due to the durability and reliability of VGA port connections (particularly those accompanied by thumb screws). At $119 / £109, the PW315 is a little pricier than 720p resolution alternatives like the $99 Razer Kiyo or Logitech C922 Pro. The MX Master 3 only has a 4,000 DPI sensor for detecting movement, while alternatives like the Logitech G Pro Wireless or Razer Basilisk X have 16,000 DPI sensors. However, Amazon has the Basilisk V2 on sale for $49.99 right now. The Basilisk V2 sports a best-in-class optical sensor with a high 20,000 DPI sensitivity, an ability to track at 650 IPS (inches per second), and a resolution accuracy of 99.6%. Not that you really need a 20,000 DPI, but this is one of the best sensors on the market. Even the best gaming headset, the Razer BlackShark V2, which boasts a particularly clean mic for an all-in-one solution, can’t keep up with a dedicated microphone.

Anyone who’s remotely familiar with gaming microphones won’t be surprised to see Blue topping the list, given that the original Blue Yeti made the desktop microphone a staple streaming item. The built-in dual-stereo microphone picks up your voice well, and the AI noise cancellation does a good job of muting mouse clicks and keyboard clatter. They have done a fabulous job at the architecture of this laptop. One thing a powerful gaming laptop has over a comparably equipped desktop is a certain “wow” factor. It’s a sturdy piece of kit that doesn’t feel like it’ll fall to pieces in the rare instance it does slip off the back of your display, with a built-in shutter that slides over the lens and 360-degree rotation so you can turn the camera away or film something other than your face. Of course, it lacks the studio-quality sound of the best gaming microphone, but it’s still a big improvement over some of the woeful mics found on cheaper headsets.

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XLR microphones are still the go-to if you don’t want to compromise on sound quality, but the popularity and prevalence of plug-and-play USB microphones mean you no longer need to be an audio engineer to take the leap as these cut out the need for separate interfaces entirely. Sound quality is also one aspect you cannot neglect. It clamps solidly on the top of your monitor, but the large lip might intrude into your screen space if you own one of the best gaming monitors with ultra-thin bezels. Webcams aren’t necessarily as important as the best gaming keyboard or best gaming mouse when crafting your ideal setup, but since livestreaming and video calls are more popular than ever right now, a good one can really be the cherry on top. You can always grab an additional 2.5″ drive, though, and add to the Helios 300 if you need more storage. The good news is that the best gaming mouse doesn’t need to cost you $200; we’ve found a few great budget options as cheap as $50. Mounting the cam onto a tripod solves the issue if you have enough space on the best gaming desk, but this is a problem that could’ve been solved with a little more forethought.

I cannot stress this enough. The picture stays relatively clear so long as you have enough light in the room, and doesn’t overexpose easily – even when the sun shines directly through my window. This means that even if it’ll be hard to notice, you’ll have more input lag than you’d have with a top-tier gaming mouse. You can also use the mouse with multiple PCs at once, even when dragging files across devices. The mouse can store up to three connections without re-pairing, and the internal battery is charged through a USB Type-C connector. The main downside to this mouse compared to most gaming mice is the sensitivity. That kind of sensitivity level is way higher than what most people need, including for competitive gaming, but the sensor itself is excellent. This worked flawlessly for me, as the AI has just the right amount of sensitivity – it won’t flick rapidly back and forth if you’re making short sounds or shuffling in the best gaming chair. This post was done by GSA Content Generator DEMO.

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