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9 Jul

Unfortunately, Nacon doesn’t provide a Type-C adapter, meaning the GM-180 isn’t a good fit for ultra thin laptops that only support the diminutive port – unless you buy your own, of course. With a $19.90 / £18 MSRP, less than some options in our best mouse pad for gaming guide, it’s easy to overlook the GM-180, but it has all the makings of a good mouse for FPS games: an optical sensor, a 2.4GHz lag-free wireless dongle, 30 hours of battery life, and even some of that RGB goodness found on premium alternatives. The Modmic Wireless is naturally the most portable of them all, and it doesn’t sacrifice quality thanks to Antlion’s use of aptX Low Latency technology to keep ping as little 34ms and the range up to 32 feet (ten metres). But thanks to its unique design, it can also be the best gaming mouse for MOBAs, or even action/adventure games. This post has been done by GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

If you’re playing games or sitting at your PC for many hours a day, the criteria for the best gaming mouse changes a little. Of course, being a Razer product, there’s colourful RGB lighting which you can sync with the company’s best mouse pad and best gaming mouse. There’s a reason the Shure SM7B is held in such high regard, with a built-in windshield, a mounting bracket that doubles up as a shock mount, and a staggeringly high 96kHz sample rate – although very few people will want to use the full range anyway – it’s the clearest microphone we’ve used. Both devices have a low-noise Midas preamp inside that pushes up to 72db of gain, giving them the ability to power even the most demanding of microphones, like the Shure SM7B. As the only dynamic microphone on this list, it’s much less sensitive than the condenser microphones, meaning that noises like the ceaseless clacking of a mechanical keyboard are unlikely to be picked up. These devices are available in 2, 4, 8 and 16 port versions. If you are using 2000/2003 windows server edition then you can add up to 30 of your friends.

I can live with that! The four separate faders allow you to set different applications to separate channels, so you can adjust volumes on the best computer speakers independently of one another. It’s unusual to see, but this provides peace of mind that you can swap it out for a fresh one if the battery isn’t up to scratch in a year or two, compared to the inaccessible built-in batteries most brands run with. So, overall, it’s a great gaming laptop that is specifically designed for gamers keeping in mind all the things gamers need. Logitech’s G604 Lightspeed packs the same fantastic Hero 25K optical sensor found in all its high-end mice, wireless connectivity to help you manage cables, great comfort from its large side grip, and 15 reprogrammable buttons, making it perfect for MMO games too. If you’ve had your eyes on a wireless gaming mouse, now’s the time to pounce. However, if your wallet can’t stretch to our favourite budget wireless gaming mouse, the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless, the Nacon GM-180 still packs a punch while cutting the cord at less than half the price. Prime Wireless offfers a wireless mouse, and provides more than 100 hours of gameplay and fast charging and weighs 80g. There’s also a TrueMove Air sensor that provides pro performance with one to one tracking and onboard customization.

The choice of a 2.4GHz wireless connection rather than Bluetooth is great news for lower latency, but many similarly priced wireless models give you the choice of both. This is where the Antlion Modmic Wireless comes in, sticking to the side of your headphones or headset, leaving you free to swing around on the best gaming chair without getting tangled – provided you’ve got a wireless gaming headset that is, otherwise you’ll be yanked back by other wires. When it comes to dynamic or condenser microphones, however, we can draw a more definitive line. You can sometimes find good deals on big-box desktops when they go on sale, but you’ll be stuck with the components chosen by the likes of HP, Lenovo or Dell. Using an XLR microphone requires a good audio interface for phantom power, and none offer more value for money than TC-Helicon’s GoXLR series. The Shure SM7B is the only dynamic microphone on this list and has grown in popularity because of its ability to cut out all the clicks of a mechanical keyboard without the help of noise gates, but the condenser microphones listed here offer better value for money when you factor in the help of software.

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