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We’ve written previously that Windows 11 represents “something more than Windows 10, but far less than what we’d consider a ‘true’ next-generation operating system.” This still holds true. The classic G502 family offers far more buttons and a better scroll wheel. Behind the scenes, there’s even more. Even the most tech-challenged individuals could probably get through their own PC build if they are patient enough. Microsoft also clarified what we suspected: The “Recommended” files seen at the bottom of the Start menu are the most recently opened files from your PC and OneDrive. Like in the leaked build, the Windows 11 Start menu can’t be resized, and the background doesn’t offer the sort of translucency and color accenting that we’ve seen elsewhere in Windows. As we’ve noted previously, Windows 11 draws heavily from Windows 10X, the simplified version of Windows that leaked back in January and that Microsoft later killed. The second major changes appears as the very left-most icon: the new Start button, which opens up a simplified version of the Start menu. Microsoft hasn’t made any changes to the first official build of Windows 11 where the Start menu and Taskbar are concerned. Microsoft has also added new, personalized themes to the touch keyboard, too, which is a first for Windows. Content was created with GSA Content Generator DEMO!

The first is the centered Taskbar on the bottom of the screen, with a cluster of your most frequently used icons right in the center. A quick flick of my finger on the lock screen, and I was into Windows 11 proper. It even looks a bit like a lock screen Google might show you as part of Chrome OS. If this all looks familiar, it should. As we revealed with the leaked build of Windows 11, there are two fundamental changes that immediately greet your eye. Once you start diving into Windows 11’s Settings menu, more changes become apparent. Please edit it to have more information and documentation instead of example code and step by step instructions. Microsoft UX designers clearly stepped though Settings almost page by page, tidying and making each page more attractive and providing more context on what choices and adjustments you can make and where. The Intel Core i7-9750H (hexa-core) processor ensures that the system can crunch through any light or medium computing task with ease, too, while a battery capable of delivering 8 hours of run time on a single charge means that you’ve got genuine portability as well. While Microsoft maintains the same functionality in Windows 11 as it does within Windows 10, the look and feel of the operating system has changed.

As well, when buying a gaming laptop, you need a high performance system that can efficiently play all of the latest video games. 105-watt TGP laptop, it actually doesn’t matter if you can’t buy the one you want. Let you decide whether you want to delete them. Click it, and the Windows 10 Search widget opens up, offering shortcuts to recently used apps, plus shortcuts to searches Windows thinks that you’ll want to make. Microsoft said Monday that if you’d like to entirely reset your PC, you’ll see the new OOBE experience (shown below) as well as something new: the choice to rename your PC as part of the setup experience. I did see a new screen as part of upgrading the PC to the Windows Insider program, however. The decision was therefore made to try the debian/sid 4.8.0-1-amd64 kernel, which was immediately successful (see list of files at the end for a recommended /etc/apt/sources.list). For GPU, we’re recommending Nvidia’s RTX 3080 (see our RTX 3080 review) as the GPU, because you can fit it into the $2,000 budget, if you can actually find one selling for anywhere near the MSRP of $699 (or even $799). As before in the leaked build, the centered Taskbar can be moved to the left to approximate the look and feel of Windows 10. At this point, we haven’t determined whether Windows 11 allows the hack that re-enabled the previous Live Tiles that were part of Windows 10. Cortana remains missing as a direct integration in Windows 11, though you can launch Cortana as the same app that she was in Windows 10. Where Cortana once lived front and center, the Windows Search icon now stands in.

At 114 grams, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless has a bit of heft (part of that coming from the 60-hour battery), but you can add weights to bring it up to 130 grams if you prefer a beefy mouse. And it’s not just the thick bamboo desktop that can handle 535 pounds but also the motors, which can lift that weight as well. The index view of the applications now shows your PC at the top, complete with name and model, as well as the status of any updates and whether you’re signed into OneDrive and are up-to-date with Office. The downside is that you have to plan and ensure that all the components like the motherboard, SSD, gaming case, and power supply are compatible and work well together. There are no discount codes or coupons required to achieve this price. The functionality remains largely the same, but there are small visual improvements literally all over the place. Mario Games are one of the favorite video games. For reference, here’s our earlier video hands-on of the leaked Windows 11 build.

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