HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca Gaming Laptop Review

5 Nov

HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca Gaming Laptop Review.

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This HP Pavilion series was very anticipated for a reason that probably not many people expected: because the preceding series was disappointing.

Although that can serve as an advantage for HP since people’s expectations would be much lower compared to if it was released after a very successful product launch.

HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca is one of the entry-level gaming laptops under the HP Pavilion 15 series. It was released in early 2020 with a whole new design to provide a better cooling system compared to the 2019 model.

It is also faster and generally better, although the strength of the machine is probably not much different from its predecessor.

This model is powered by 10th gen Intel Core i7 with 8 GB DDR4-SDRAM. Thus, while the machine is pretty good but it is very likely that you will need to upgrade the RAM pretty early.

HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca Gaming Laptop Review

HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca Gaming Laptop Review.

Design HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca.

At the first sight, HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca seems bulky, one may even expect it to be bigger and heavier than the 2019 model. However, after measuring it properly, the result shows the opposite.

It is apparently leaner by two millimeters (25.4 vs. 23.4 millimeters) though it still has the same weight as the 2019 one (2.3 kg).

One important thing to note in its design is the cool multi-dimensional design they got right there on the lower body because of the space they put beside the hinge. It is big, open, and very gaming-like.

Like a budget laptop, there’s not much that we can expect on the material of the body: entirely plastic, shaky lid, and stiff hinges. The keyboard is actually pretty good, it is designed pretty well with some good accuracy and responsiveness.

One of the things I personally like is how HP designed this series monitor. HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca has an anti-glare panel with non-reflective and low gloss features. This means that we don’t have to squint very hard when playing games outside.


Operating system
Windows 10 Home 64
Software included
McAfee LiveSafe™
Pre-installed software
Software – Productivity & finance
1 month trial for new Microsoft Office 365 customers
HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca Gaming Laptop Review

Performance HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca.

‘Surprising’ is probably the one word that people commonly use when they get their hands on this product. It may work in this model’s favor that the release before it was utterly disappointing.

Intel i7 10750H is arguably the most powerful consumer CPU on the market right now, and this model has it.

Its single-core speed could theoretically go up to 5 GHz, although obviously this laptop, just like any other released model, hasn’t been able to utilize all of its potentials.

Just as important as its performance, it is worth noting that it also has the capability to hold that performance for a significant amount of time. This is where the cooling system is important.

One of the most notable improvements from HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca is the better cooling system on its built.

It is because of the increasing size of the ventilation and the exhaust cut-out. HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca also has a dual fan system to allow better thermal cooling.

It doesn’t mean that the build is entirely satisfying since the material is not very durable. Thus, it is very possible that with a little rough gaming, you will make a dent in it in no time.

After a little more study we found out that there is a little more into this cooling system than merely a bigger ventilation and exhaust cut-out: lowered performance when there is too much work going on. When gaming, the performance level sometimes dropped around five to ten percent so that the machine doesn’t get too hot.

Performance HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca

Capability-wise, it is noticeably faster than its predecessors. HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca has a 144Hz refresh rate in its 1080p Full HD display.

However, a high refresh rate does mean that it will consume battery life much faster than its 60Hz counterparts. Hence, its battery life is a bit subpar with only around 5 hours according to the test conducted.

HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca is powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti for its graphics, with GDDR6 and Intel Iris Plus Graphics. The graphics are pretty high-grade, and pairing it with a powerful machine means that your gaming experience would be that of high grade as well.

It’s true that HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca is a little on the higher price side especially considering that it is supposed to be marketed as a budget laptop for casual gamers.

However, with the much-improved performance and cooling system, it may be worth it to spend a little more to experience better gaming on this device.

HP Pavilion 15-dk1020ca Gaming Laptop Review.

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