Is It Time to talk Extra About Laptop Gaming?

13 Aug

IOGEAR’s HDMI to VGA Adapter is a convenient and cost-effective solution that instantly connects your digital sources to a projector or other external analog monitors in stunning 1080P. The adapter connects to the VGA cable of your device (VGA cable not included). I sell the complete cable for $75 (recommended since it takes me about 45 minutes to make one – I have been making these for 7 years and have some experience in this. These are a newer breed of gaming laptops that have developed in the last years. That means these are not primarily gaming laptops, instead, they are premium productivity/creator/work tools. At the same time, the Zephyrus G15 is a more affordable product, but you should aim for the 240 Hz display configuration of this laptop, as the 144 Hz panel available in some of the cheaper models is fairly slow and merely a washed-out 60% sRGB panel, so not a good option by any means. This is expensive, though, and not as powerful as some of the other models in this niche. I didn’t find where that register is loaded in the EPROM though, but that fix is fine for a little DOS program to fiddle the modes. This was created with GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

The Ikari Laser’s buttons are precise and respond well, and thanks to the bundled software you can program in macros. Available in desktop and Rackmount versions, these units are easy to install, work on simple plug and play functionality and do not require any additional software or drivers for installation. Pros: premium build quality and a unique design with the keyboard separated from the main chassis; fast optical-mechanical RGB keyboard; fast FHD and QHDscreen options with MUX/GSync and Advanced Optimus; solid performance and thermals, but not the most powerful hardware implementation in this class; useful software package; punchy audio with 6x speaker. That’s primarily thanks to its unique design that separates the keyboard from the hot components underneath, but also due to its hardware specs. They are mostly larger versions of the 15-inch models mentioned above, however, the increase in size allowed the manufacturers to implement more powerful hardware components and tweak the thermal modules, resulting in superior performance and lower temperatures and/or noise levels. In this case, I suggest going with one of the available models built on a GTX 1660Ti graphics chip or higher, or a GTX 1650Ti chip in the thinnest and most compact options.

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Price – it’s best to accept the fact that if you’re going to want to have the best technology, you’re going to have to be ready to pay the price. Asus are aware of what they got here, so they charge quite a premium for this laptop in comparison to the other matching configuration on the market, but I’d expect the price to drop in the months to come. That’s why I’d recommend these barebones to tech-savvy users, but not necessarily to the average customer. Asus did well with their 2020 lineups of Zephyrus models, that’s why the mid-range Zephyrus M and the entry-level Zephyrus G get to be mentioned in this article as well, alongside the Zephyrus S included in a previous section. If you don’t have around $2000 to spend, but you still want a portable laptop that can handle gaming, albeit, not with the highest graphics settings, you should consider the options in this section instead. But it is still best to go through them quickly and choose suitable titles; and it has to be done only once.

There is a best gaming laptop up for grabs through the worldwide web. It’s not the best gamer, though, due to its limited thermal design and lower-power implemented dGPUs, and pales in comparison to the Zephyrus M15 when it comes to the overall build-quality and typing experience. Hardware-wise, though, the Zephryus M15 only gets GTX 1660Ti, RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 Super graphics, and it’s primarily available in the former variant in most regions. The Zephyrus M15 is a simpler, lighter and more affordable version of the Zephyrus S15, as explained in our detailed review. As a result, as explained in the review, this Zephyrus M is one of the best-performing sub 2 kilos notebooks on the market and also one of the better-balanced options out there. Bottom point: If you’re lucky enough not to get any light-bleeding or electronic noises on your unit, the ROG Zephyrus S17 is one of the best-balanced 17-inch gaming ultraportables on the market. The processor will get a better than typical score right here thanks to the overclocking. We’ve mentioned these laptops in the first section of our review, and I’ll reiterate them here as well, as they are all available in a couple of different configurations, including affordable models with GTX 1660Ti graphics.

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