Corsair M65 Pro Review and Software

6 Nov

Corsair M65 Pro Review: Is it Worth the Insignia? – Corsair M65 Pro best gaming mouse review and software.

Corsair Vengeance M65 RGB mouse has been well received since its release in September 2014.

It sports a solid sensor, distinctive design, and extensive software customization.

Even with the success of this model, it seems that Corsair feels the need to refresh it, hence the development of this Corsair M65 Pro.

It is marketed as an RGB FPS mouse which means that it is targeted towards FPS gamers with its excellent precision and geared towards fast-paced first-person shooters.

So, how is it different from its predecessor, and is it actually worth the insignia of “Pro” in its name?

Design Corsair M65 Pro.

 Corsair M65 Pro Review: Is it Worth the Insignia?

Corsair M65 Pro has a very distinctive design.

It is one of those mice that makes you know at first glance that it is a gaming mouse with excellent features.

And It has angular cutouts at the back and curved side grooves to support our thumb and pinky when gripping the mouse.

It is almost identical to that of the Corsair Vengeance M65 RGB mouse with an identical button layout and overall design.

The subtle change that can be seen here is the use of more solid material. This Corsair model uses top-notch quality material which is an aircraft-grade aluminum unibody design.

Its predecessor already used an aluminum unibody design, but Corsair upgraded the material a little for the M65 Pro model.

The stock weight for the mouse is 115 grams, which might be a little too heavy for some people.

But it is built of aircraft-grade aluminum, thus such weight is perfectly understandable.

However, for people who want their mouse to be even heavier, Corsair M65 Pro has three 6.85 grams of weights for a total of 20.5 grams of weights that can be adjusted.

There are two DPI buttons so we don’t have to cycle through the DPI setting and push the up or down button instead.

Corsair M65 Pro Review: Is it Worth the Insignia?

Specifications Corsair M65 Pro

The most important part of a mouse is its primary buttons. For Corsair M65 Pro, the primary left and right buttons use Omron switches with great tactile feedback.

The buttons are quite enjoyable to click, very controlled, and have a distinct and satisfying actuation.

The scroll wheel also has a satisfying actuation and it provides good scroll steps with heaps of control to prevent us from accidentally over-or under-scrolling in playing games.

The side buttons which usually are used for forwarding and backward controls are a little too small compared to the overall size of the mouse.

Therefore, it may be a bit harder to control or even find the right button when these buttons are used to play games.

Under these two buttons, there is a sniper button that needs enough force to accentuate to make sure we don’t click it by accident.

It is fortunate that the mouse has two DPI buttons as it features PMW3360 as its sensor with a maximum of 12,000 DPI.

Now, imagine if we have to cycle through the configuration before finding the right one for our needs.

It really is questionable, though, whether there would be anyone that needs 12,00 DPI in setting their mouse.

Corsair M65 Pro Review: Is it Worth the Insignia?

Just like any other Corsair RGB peripheral products, Corsair M65 Pro is also customizable and configurable using its software, Corsair Utility Engine, or CUE.

The software is probably one that is the most feature-rich in the market.

The first tab has our profiles, where we can configure all the settings and create profiles to store everything as well options to assign them to the games.

There are also button assignments where all the buttons can be rebound or have macros and actions assigned to them.

In the Actions tab, there is a list of every available action which can be sorted by name or type.

The Lighting tab has two zones of customization: the lighting on the logo, and the underflow.

In the Settings tab, we can choose to disable the lighting, configure the polling rate up to a thousand Hz, and implement the firmware update. This is also where surface calibration is housed.

In conclusion, there is not much of a difference between Corsair M65 Pro and its predecessor, both are priced at similar points as well, somewhere in the sixty dollars mark.

However, it is true that Corsair M65 Pro is an upgrade from the Corsair M65, with more solid material, better sensor, and better build quality in general.

Download Corsair M65 Pro Software.

Corsair M65 Pro Review: Is it Worth the Insignia?

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